Icon Request

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Ratchet From the game "Ratchet and Clank"
Open Book You have several icons for a Book, but no one for Opened Book. I'm looking for something similar to Folder and Opened Folder.
posture An image similar to the sample provided, want to show that the word is "posture". Unfortunately the image you recommended didn't work for the meaning we want
twist (an ankle) An image of a person twisting/spraining their ankle. The image you recommended unfortunately didn't work for this meaning, we need someone visibly hurting
abusive work environment https://cdn4.iconfinder.com/data/icons/bad-boss/310/boss-abuse-004-512.png We need an image similar to the one provided as a sample. Unfortunately the image you recommen …
car exhaust (visible from the side) https://www.flaticon.com/free-icon/exhaust_80379 we need an icon like the one provided, where the exhaust is visible on the car, no fumes in picture. Unfortunately the im …
SLOGAN an icon of a slogan, please use "just do it" which is a slogan, it's short and can fit in an icon. Unfortunately, the icon called "slogan" which you recommended doesn't w …
it services
Beans Icon I need an icon in the Bubbles style featuring the 'beans/legumes' food category. You don't seem to have one so it would be a nice addition. Thank you!
Microsoft Office (New Logo)
magic clock
music sharing